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> Little Pinholes In Leaves Anubias Plant
Posted: Nov 21 2013, 08:27 AM
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Hi ppl,

The problem is with my planted shrimp tank!

Its planted with several Anubias plants, some vallisneria and a Echinodorus Ozelot.
First the water values...Ph: 7.2, Gh: 16, Kh: 8-10, Cl2: 0, No2: 0 and No3: 20. I know some of them are maybe a bit on the high side but as far as i know their all in safe zone. Its also dosed with Co2 daily and i feed the shrimp spinach every 2 days (just 1 leaf at a time...)

The problem is that after 2-3 weeks my Anubias started to developed little pinholes in the leaves that grew bigger n bigger and the leaf turned yellow. Then the leave started to decay n i had to cut it off...But now several other leaves followed n i dont want keep cutting away leaves! Weird thing is NEW leaves keep developing and theres alot of m too!

I wanted to post a pictures of a leaf with a hole in it BUT i just joined this forum and cut away the last leaf WITH a hole in it...Yesterday! yea...i know...

I hope you guys can help me out?

TNX in advance...
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Neon Man
Posted: Nov 21 2013, 12:01 PM
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Yes, some pics might be helpful.

How do you dose your tank with CO2?

Your KH might be a little high. I used to keep mine around 4.

It's normal for some plants to shed leaves as it adjusts to your tank conditions vs the conditions in your LFS. As long as you're getting new growth, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


All best,
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