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> The Easter Bunny, (do you believe in him?)
Neon Man
  Posted: Apr 5 2012, 02:48 PM
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I don't know how it is in the UK, but over here on this side of the Pond, we have "The Easter Bunny" who delivers baskets of candy, jelly beans, etc. for Easter . . .

Much in the same way as in dealing with Santa Claus at Christmas, as children we would leave out our baskets on Saturday night before going to bed. (We left out some milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and a carrot for the Easter Bunny).

Lo and behold! On Easter morning my brothers and I would come downstairs to find the baskets filled with candies, chocolates, jelly beans, etc. smile.gif

I actually thought that a large rabbit came around and delivered this candy to all the children around the world! laugh.gif lmao.gif

It began to dawn on me that he had no pockets, or a sleigh with which to contain and deliver all this candy . . . I asked my mother about this.

She replied with a smile that it was "magic" . . . . . wink.gif

So . . . how about YOU?

Share your Easter memories with us as well as your beliefs in the "Easter Bunny"!

Post your thoughts and replies here. smile.gif

All best, and wishing everyone a Happy Easter,
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PMEmail Poster
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 08:01 PM
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I actually can't remember what I thought easter was all about as a kid. We did all the standard stuff on easter egg hunts etc, and ate vast quantities of chocolate, but I don't remember thinking there was anything much behind it unsure.gif
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